Rage is a CCG(collectible card game) based on the Werewolf: The Apocalypse RPG by White Wolf Game Studio. In this game, you take control of a pack of Garou (werewolves), and attempt to get to a set amount of "victory points". The first person to make it to the set amount of victory points wins the game. You gain victory points in various ways, including killing other Garou, killing Wyrm creatures, completing quests, enacting rites, etc.

On the back of the starter deck box, it gives a brief analogy of the game. It states as follows:

"Take control of a pack of werewolves, commanding them in battle against your opponent's pack and creatures of the Wyrm. Use special cards to arm your werewolves with mystical equipment and weapons or to unleash spiritual magic upon your opponents. Outwit your opponents using social actions to strip them of their powers and award your pack more Renown for victory.

Each deck is pre-sorted to give you everything you need to start a game. With over 300 different cards in the entire set, every starter deck is different. Two or more players can battle it out at the same time, but each player needs their own starter deck. "


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