There are plenty of gangs in the city of Wayfarers Way, and every gang has its leader. Some are cruel, some are crazy, some are strangely kind. Brezka Knop is an oddity among oddities. He leads one of the smallest gangs in the city, the Faceless Five. The Faceless Five are extraordinary thieves, completely in a class all their own. No one knows who any of them are, and the only name that is known is Brezka Knop.

As if fitting for such a mysterious group, rumors abound. Brezka is a ghost, the Faceless Five are all Faye, they actually work for the city watch, and so forth. None of those have ever been proven true, nor have a thousand other guesses as to the origins and identities of the thieves. What is known is that they only prey upon the most wealthy, but don’t let that fool you, these aren’t one of those rob from the rich and help the poor types. This is where Brezka Knop and Faceless Five prove to be stranger than just about anyone else in a city full of strange. The treasures they steal, they don’t fence them, they don’t spend them or give them away. The wealth they obtain is destroyed. Precious gems and jewelry are melted into slag, painting and tapestries are burned, anything of value is rendered worthless.

Both the Arbitrators and the City Watch have a hefty bounty on Brezka Knop and any of the Faceless Five. There have been a few that have tried to collect, but apparently thievery isn’t all Brezka and his fellows are capable of. Anyone that gets too close is left as an example for everyone else, their bodies displayed in grotesque fashion for all to see. Even so, a bounty of nearly 5000 Soverns for Brezka alone can make many a person consider the risk worthwhile.