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It’s Official!! Mistrunner at Gen Con

Just got the notification today, Mistrunner events will be running at Gen Con. I will be running two Mistrunner adventures at the big show. Horror of the Rope Ghost will be on Thursday at 2pm and again on Friday at 6pm. The Box runs Fridat at noon, repeating on Saturday at noon. Each event is slated to run for 4 hours, so come and swim in the Mists for a bit.

I will also have a bigger sneak peek at the Big Book of Perks at Gen Con, and Perks will be used in gameplay at the events. Hope to see you there!

Gen Con 2013

Mistrunner will be attending the big daddy con this year.  While we won’t have a booth, the game will be there, and will always be ready to whip out some dice and give a demo, or time permitting, a complete adventure.  I will also have copies available for those that want them, though such business would need to be conducted outside the Con as I don’t want to be that guy and break all the rules and be a dick and steal thunder from hard working types that actually paid for a booth.  I am planning on having several PDF copies available to those that complete various tasks that I will be assigning on Twitter.  You can find me there @Nakedhobo.  I look forward to seeing all my gamer friends. as well as making many new ones.