Far to the northeast, further than most dare to travel, lay the Ninety Nine isles. Each island is independently governed, though they all form an alliance of sorts. Each island is home to a mix of races, both mortal and Faye, though none are densely populous. The largest of the isles is Barin, home to almost 300 souls. The smallest would be Inis Cor, a small outpost so far north it isn’t even on any map, and it boasts a population of seven.

The isles are not very rich in resources, most exist solely by fishing and whaling. However, once every three years the seas swarm with a small red fish, the Honkel. The Honkel is highly prized, both for it’s delicious taste, but also for it’s restorative properties. The oil of the Honkel is used in the creams and ointments desired by the wealthy and the vain. All of the isles join together in harvesting these desirable fish, which must be done within three days before the fish disappear for another┬áthree years. Once the harvest is complete, hundreds of ships make their way south to Wayfarers Way to sell their precious cargo. The ships then load themselves with metals and other goods that cannot be obtained in the Ninety Nine Isles.

It is rumored that the Ninety Nine Isles are surrounded by the drowned remains of one of the greatest cities of the earth that was. If that is true, no one from the isles is talking about it. Also, if it is true, the waters are very deep and very cold, so it would take some rather impressive magic to find out if the rumors are true. The University in Wayfarers Way has sent out several expeditions over the last century or so, but they haven’t turned up anything yet.