Along the trade routes between Wayfarers Way and the settlements of Dardus is an inn. That in and of itself is nothing special, there are many inns and lodging houses along most trade routes. What makes the Husk so different is that the inn itself is located within the withered remains of an old earth that was building. History books say such things were called skyscrapers, and most of them were either destroyed during the Reckoning or dumped at Mikon-Groa by the Faye. This one remains though, albeit missing all but ten of its original floors. In truth, aside from the exterior walls, there is little of the original structure left.

Hobb has been the proprietor of the Husk for the last dozen or so years, having taken over from his uncle. The Husk has been operated by the same family of innkeepers for more than years than anyone can remember. Hobb is also not the real name of the proprietor, it is an honorary name that is handed down in the family to whomever runs the establishment, for stability sake it is said. Hobb isn’t alone either, his extended family helps him run the inn, consisting of nearly thirty other Chareks ranging in age from his grandson who is three up to his great grandmother who is old enough for you not to ask.

There is always plenty of room at the Husk, each of the floors above the first boasts more than twenty rooms, except for the top which is reserved for special guests, normally Faye. There is also a contingent of Arbitrators stationed here, those responsible for keeping the trade routes safe. Because of the constant watchful eye of the law, the Husk is a peaceful enough place despite getting its fair share of mysterious strangers that pass through.

Hobb also maintains a small collection of old earth that was trinkets and relics. The most prized piece of the collection is something called a Buick. It was once a self powered wagon, propelled by old earth technology. It has long since ceased to function, but it is still fairly intact, preserved, as is the entire the collection, by layers of magic to prevent decay. Old tech scholars can often be found here studying the Buick in the hopes of learning how the ancient technology works.