There is little left of this once mighty keep, the outer walls have long since crumbled, and only one of the original sixteen towers still stands. The main building itself is nothing but a pile of rubble, but the dungeons below are still intact. There are also a smattering  of wooden buildings huddled around the lone tower.

The Crimson Brotherhood maintains this out of the way post as a training grounds for new recruits. Not just any recruit gets invited out to Heldings Hold, only those that show true promise and the prospect of rising in the ranks. Despite the outward appearance of the main building, the dungeons beneath are well maintained. There is almost always the clang of steel of on steel emanating from the underground hallways as soldiers train day and night.

Recruits here often take excursions out into the Mists, west of the Evenstar. Dark and vile things reside that far out, and it is common for half or more of a recruit class to never make it back. Recruits are never sent out alone, there are always senior members and a highly skilled Mistrunner along with them, but even with the backup, bad things happen.

Those that are not members of the Crimson Brotherhod can pay to join a recruit class,  but the fee is hefty and there is no special treatment, no matter how many Soverns they may have anted up. It is a unique opportunity for many though, and most consider it worth not only the cost, but the risk as well.