There is a hunt going on, a hunt that has been going on for thousands of years. Long before the days of the Reckoning there was an Alfar, she and her hounds were known by all the Faye, and her prowess as a hunter was renown over all the lands. The name of this huntswoman has been forgotten, all records and knowledge of who she once was have been removed from existence. For as long as anyone can now recall, she is known as the Lady of the Hounds.

The Faye are not known for their emotions, and yet, jealousy is something they often fall prey to. The Lady of the Hounds wasn’t only known for her skills in the hunt, but also for her beauty, and the combination of the two was enough to turn the heads of even the most noble of the Sidhe. The tales tell that even King Auberon of the Seelie let his eyes wander more than once, and his on again, off again wife, Titiana was not one to let such things go unpunished. She could do nothing to her husband, but to the Lady of the Hounds she could do much. So, she cursed the skilled Alfar maiden, cursed her to spend the rest of her days chasing a white stag that she could never catch.

Every day she rises with the sun, her and her hounds, and the chase begins.  The white stag always eludes her, staying just ahead of her and the pack until the moon rises in the sky. At night the Lady of the Hounds sleeps deeply. Many have stumbled upon her over the centuries, both during the day as well as at night. Those that cross her path during the chase are best advised to stay out of her way, and those that have failed to heed this warning have often met rather unpleasant fates. Those that find the Alfar woman at night, asleep among her hounds, are often stunned by her beauty. Any attempts to wake her have always been unsuccessful, and any attempting to cause her harm are repelled by powerful Faye magic.

Only during the eclipse does the Lady of the Hounds have a reprieve from her endless torment. She longs for any contact with others and will welcome anyone that approaches as a friend. She has seen much in her travels over all the realms and is a font of knowledge. She will gladly share much of what she knows with any that ask, provided they give her something in exchange. What that is varies by the one asking the questions, it may be a story, a song, a bottle of wine, or in some cases, sharing an intimate moment. Once the eclipse is over though, it all goes back to the curse.

It is not known how the curse may be broken, except by the queen on the UnSeelie Court, and if there is one thing she holds on to more than her own throne, it is a grudge.