Perks were considered at the early stages of the game, but dropped for reasons of trying to keep the rules as light as possible. It was always intended that if there was a desire or demand for Perks, we would release a supplement at a later date. That time is approaching. However, what I thought to be a simple list of some little skill boosts has turned into an over 40 page document so far. Every skill will have a set of Perks available to choose from whenever a skill is advanced. Not every Perk will have a direct affect on the specific skill though. Some may aid other skills or even groups of skills. Below I have a few samples of some of the Perks we are working on.


I Am Not Left Handed (One Handed):  This Perk grants a single Parry reroll at +4 once every combat.

Turtle (Shield): Anyone attempting to attack the possessor of this Perk with a ranged attack suffers a penalty of -4 to their skill roll.

Wait, Time Out (Perception): This Perk allows a reroll of any initiative roll. The second die roll must be taken, regardless of its result.

Bad Dates (Smell/Taste): This Perk grants the ability to detect poisons, toxins, and gasses by smell or taste automatically.

The Fly Swats Back (Acrobatics):  The possessor of this Perk may make an immediate unarmed strike when hit during combat. This action replaces whichever Step the character would have acted next.

You Don’t Need to See His Identification (Law): Bonus of +4 to all Forgery skill rolls.

Iocane, I’d Bet My Life on It (Alchemy): This Perk grants immunity to all poisons.

Dance of Steel (Dancing): This Perk grants a +4 bonus to all Parry skill rolls.

Penetrating Shot (Marksman): Ignore the first 2 points of armor when applying damage to a target.

I Am One of You (Style): This Perk grants a +4 bonus to Disguise skill rolls.

I Have the Death Sentence in Twelve Realms (Intimidate): Receive a +4 bonus to all Intimidate skill rolls vs criminals.

Weak at the Joints (Smith): This Perk grants a damage bonus of +4 against armored opponents.

Magic?! Bah! (Technology): Anyone attempting Magic skill rolls against the possessor of this Perk receives a penalty of -2 to all skill rolls.

Essence Mastery (Conjuration):  All spells cost 1 less Essence to cast.

Reboot (Control): This Perk grants an automatic reroll for a failed Control skill roll.  The second roll must be taken regardless of the result.

Read You Like a Book (Mental): This Perk grants a bonus of +4 when detecting lies.

Skin of Stone (Earth): This Perk grants a permanent natural AV4.

Leaf on the Wind (Air): The possessor of this Perk may levitate at will.


That is just a small selection, in total there will be over 400 Perks to choose from. The hope is that a PDF version of the Big Book of Perks will be available summer 2014.