Deep within the Mists lies the burial grounds of the forgotten clans of the Alfar, the Undeleth Weir. Only a single clan of warrior priests, the Mera Nok, are allowed entry to the numerous warrens that house the remains of some of the most ancient Alfar clans.  Many of the names of these clans have been lost to the ages, not even the eldest of the Faye can recall them all. These are elves that died off even before the Reckoning, many believe that these were some of the first Alfar to ever walk the Mists.

Rumors abound of what lies buried in the tombs of Undeleth Weir, and given the traditions of the Alfar the entomb the fallen with their greatest possessions, it is likely the rumors don’t even come close to the truth. Many tomb raiders have tried to glean the secrets trapped here, a handful making it out. Those few that survive to leave the Undeleth Weir are almost always found and punished with rather gruesome deaths, meant as a message to any other would be trespassers.¬†Baerd is one of the few to have supposedly made it out and lived long enough to tell the tale, though he has never admitted it himself he has also never denied it. It would explain some of the rarer items in his personal collection.

More recently it has been said that the Unseelie have been poking around the area and it has lead to some minor altercations with the Seelie Faye. Many fear that if the Unseelie push things too far it could lead to all out war between the Faye, and no one really wants that. Whatever it is they are looking for, it seems to be worth the risk.