The Baldersnags is a messy tangle of swamps and briar patches lying to the east of Greeningsdale. Maintaining an open road between Greeningsdale and the coast is a constant struggle.  Between the thick masses of thorn bushes and the dangerous bogs one also has to contend with the swirling chaos of the Mists, as the Baldersnags lies partially within.  It is not uncommon for miles of road to simply be swallowed up, interrupting trade and travel for weeks, sometimes even months.

As if the natural elements of this place weren’t bad enough, the Baldersnags are a breeding ground for Grey Spinners. The giant spider-like creatures can nimbly move over the knotted brush and their sticky webs dot the landscape, waiting for anything unlucky enough to stumble into them.  The Mistrunners Association has an open bounty on Grey Spinners in the region, offering a 100 soverns per head.

The Baldersnags presents the biggest challenge to the new railroad that the city of Wayfarers Way is attempting to build between the coast and the interior of the True Realms.  For anyone in need of work, crews are always hiring, both for physical labor as well as muscle to keep the local wildlife at bay.