Sorry for the lack of content as of late. It isn’t easy being a solo person operation when you also need to hold down a day job. But, excuses aside, things are being worked on. In fact, there is work being down as I write this to update the game. Yes, that means a second edition. Yes, that means things are going to be radically different in some ways, the same in others. No, it doesn’t mean you have to buy all new product. Whenever I finish updating the game, which I don’t expect will be done until next year, anyone that already owns a copy of the game will be able to download a free PDF copy of the 2nd edition. The older version will still be mostly compatible with the new edition, we are just streamlining some things, making things work more towards a goal of role playing as opposed to just rolling dice.

I’ll try to keep folks updated, but for the most up to date info, the Mistrunner page on Facebook is your best bet. Until next time.