Far to the southeast lies the ancient city of Belai, known by may as the City at the Edge of the World. It was once a bustling city, boasting over a hundred thousand residents. Trading vessels constantly streamed in and out of the large harbor.

Those days are long gone now. Nearly three hundred years ago the Mists began to creep closer and closer to the city, the sea mysteriously vanishing along with its aproach. It wasn’t long before the harbor itself disappeared into oblivion, and every year a little bit more of the city fals off the edge of the world into the unknown.

The idea of it being the edge of the world isn’t just a snappy nickname. The world does seem to end along the current eastern most border of Belai. The ground and sea give way to an impossibly deep hole. No one has been able to discern how deep it goes by either mundane or magical means.

Roughly seven thousand feet down magic ceases to work. Many found that out the harder way, flying ships trying to probe the depths of the chasm suddenly falling into the abyss below. Others have ventured further down, relying upon ropes, scaffolds, and other normal means, but no end has been found to date.

Belai now has maybe a few thousand people still clinging desperately to their vanishing homes. Trade is almost nonexistent, those still here subsisting on a diet of whatever can be caught from the sea further to the west. Most of those that travel here now are scholars and the curious, wondering about not only what lies below, but what is causing it.