Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, been rather busy and I have to say a bit uninspired as of late. GenCon was a blast, but it also seriously drained my batteries and I haven’t had a chance to recharge yet. Odds are I won’t get that refresh until after the New Year what with the day job being in retail. But, enough of my whining.

Speaking of GenCon. I ran three sessions of Mistrunner at the big con, two of which were sold out. Everyone had a goodtime, or they were very convincing liars. Running it at GenCon made me take some serious looks at the game play and I spoke with one of the original contributors about a possible second edition. This is long way off talk, still just in the speculation and what if phase. If you have some tweaks you think the game could use, I am always delighted to hear them. Without player feedback the game can never truly grow and improve.

The Big Book of Perks is still happening, just being pushed off again. I am hoping, really hoping that I can finish a good draft to send off to playtesters and editors before the end of the year. My hopeful goal is to release at least two, if not three, small supplements next year. One being the Big Book of Perks. The second one will be a small collection of adventure starters, and the third, if it happens, will be something to build up the world some more.

And on to building up the world some more, I have some ideas that I will be throwing up on the website in the coming weeks, more glimpses into the world and the people that live in it. Next up will be a peek at the City at the Edge of the World.