Deep within the Mists, northwest of the True Realm of Alfhem, lie a lonely pair of mountains known as the Far Spires. The mountains themselves actually lie within a tiny pocket outside the Mists, is a barren field long since devoid of life. The air itself is heavy and anyone or anything that dwells here too long soon finds themselves sick, often times to the point that death comes.

It is said that when the first of the war with the demons began long before the Reckoning that the old men that were, the humans, deployed weaons of massive destructon in a last ditch effort to close one of the portals that the demons used to gain access to earth that was. Since that day, nothing grows here, even the most wretched of the UnSeelie give this place a wide berth.

Recently however, steps have been taken to find a way to explore the Far Spires and the blasted wasteland around them. Magic has granted some the ability to stave off the wastng disease that plagues this area, but only for a short time. Those that are interested in relics from the earth that was are quite anxious to excavate the plains here, hoping to unearth hidden treasures of the old world that have long escaped the hands of looters.