It was said that on the day of the Reckoning, part of the sky fell to earth. The remnants of that is known as Star Ore, a precious and rare mineral found only in the deepest of caverns. Star Ore is incredibly dense, a chunk the size of an Aslonian’s fist weighs over one hundred pounds. It is also stronger than any other material that has ever been discovered. Because of it’s density, it has limited uses, proving to be much to heavy for weaponry and armor. It has proven quite useful though in the production of steam chambers, a thin layer of metal forged from Star Ore can withstand tremendous pressure.

There are only a handful of individuals that possess the knowledge to forge Star Ore, and only one of them dwells among the mortal races. An Anduran smith, Tula, uses a technique she guards jealously. many have tried to find out her secret, but her twin sister, Rya, is a fierce bodyguard. More than one would be spy has found his way into an early, and permanent, retirement at her hands.

The last known vein of Star Ore was near Cretor’s Crag, but it ran dry several years ago. The rush is on to find more of the rare material, and the reward is nearly immeasurable. The last bit sold recently at over 500 Soverns per ounce.