There is a lot going on, not just with Mistrunner, but for Naked Hobo Productions in general. I’m not going to go into all the details of other projects other than saying that they aren’t game related, and they involve a lot of my free time. Despite that, I am still working on getting the Big Book of Perks available as a PDF download by mid-summer (that means July-ish). This will be very art light, probably not much more than a B&W cover, but that isn’t the point of the book. The point is that you and your players are going to have dozens upon dozens of ways to customize your characters even more. I gave a brief look at some of the Perks a few weeks ago, and let me just tell you, that isn’t even the tip of it.

Every skill is getting a set of 5 Perks. Not just every skill group. Every. Single. Skill. Marksman? Five Perks. Cooking? Five Perks. Alchemy? Five Perks. Conjuration? Five Perks. That means the Big Book of Perks will contain over 400 Perks. That is a lot, and it is a big reason as to why this is taking so long.

Once the Big Book of Perks is done we will start focusing on delivery some mini-adventures, with the hopes of releasing at least three within the first year. I have a lot of things planned to add to the world of Mistrunner, just keep in mind, I’m mostly a solo shop for a lot of this stuff (and I have a day job and social life too).

There is a also a little bit of con news too. Mistrunner will be running this summer at GlennCon in Glendale, Wisconsin. The dates are from July 18-21. No times are set yet, but most likely Mistrunner will run twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday.

We also hope to run an event or two at GenCon this year in August, though nothing has been solidified yet.

Mistrunner will also be returning to NewGame, October 11-12 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

That is about it for news right now, and I hope you have been enjoying the updates and new source material.