One of the most famed, and yet most reculsive, mercenary groups are the Ninety Nine. Despite their name, there are actually one hundred members. The Ninety Nine is comprised of the champions of the Ninety Nine Isles, one champion from each island. The one hundreth member is the champion of all champions, their island having two members in the group.

The Ninety Nine are unsurpassed when it comes to their prowess on the battlefield, even the Crimson Brotherhood’s best pales in comparison. The Ninety Nine also stand out becuase they do not work for money. Many have tried to hire them, but always to no avail. The Ninety Nine will pick and chose which cause they wish to support, whether or not they are asked.

If a member falls in battle the surviving Ninety Nine will do anything to make sure the body is not left on the battlefield. There are tales of an enemy that once took the body of a fallen Ninety Nine and held it for ransom. In a frenzy the remaining warriors of the Ninety Nine slaughtered nearly three thousand of the enemy troops before the body was surrended.

Every five years the Ninety Nine return to their sea bound homes and a new tournament determines who shall be named to the Ninety Nine. In the last two thousand years, there has only once been an island without a champion. A current member of the Ninety Nine may be challenged for his spot at the tourney, but if there are no takers, the current member retains his position. It is extremely rare for a member of the Ninety Nine to willingly step down from their position.