I have let things go dormant for too long. I have been making some progress the last two weeks on revamping the rules for the prequel. Yep, prequel, Daemon Eater is in the works. It is set long before the events of Mistrunner take place. Fear not though, once I have the new rules set I will update the core Mistrunner book as well.

A little more background on Daemon Eater. Set after the Pulse during the Demon Wars, Daemon Eater is centered around Ireland and the west coast of Europe. New schools of magic await you, illusions of the Faye Bound, supreme logic of the Heretics, and the channeling of demonic prisoners of the Daemon Eaters themselves. Will the last stronghold of humanity, or will the demons conclude their conquest of the earth and hold dominion over all things?  Take up arms and defend the last bastion of good in the world.