Deep in the depths of the swamps of Aerdmoor lies a lonely hut. There is but a single resident here, a creature known only as the Crone. Many think she was once a member of the Seelie Court, a full bloodied Sidhe, but what she is now is a bent and twisted thing. She also has a fondness for flesh, any flesh will do fine for her cooking pot. Despite this, there are those who seek out this place, not for the company of the Crone, but for what lies far below her home. Of course, the Crone won’t just let anyone inside. To gain entrance requires a sacrifice, one of flesh and blood. It doesn’t need be sinister, but the Crone is fickle, and she might just eat the sacrifice and those that brought it.

Yaktha was a powerful demon that ruled over part of the earth that was, and it is said that he was bound in blessed iron and cast into a deep pit. The entrance to that pit is inside the Crone’s hut. Bound though he is, Yaktha still wields incredible power and his knowledge is vast and unsurpassed by any being still alive. Those brave, or foolish, enough can seek his aid, though the price is often higher than most would willingly pay. It is always different for each that seeks his guidance, and it is never pleasant.

If Yaktha concedes to give aid, he will answer any three questions. He will not lie, but how he interprets the question is up to him. It is best to ask questions that can’t don’t allow Yaktha to dance around the answers, though fooling him will be difficult. Over the centuries many have sought out his help, most end up in either the Crone’s pot or consumed by the pure malevolence that is Yaktha.