South of the rugged peaks that make up the surrounding environs of the Evenstar is one of the largest and most fierce Mist Storms.  Unlike most storms in the Mists, it hasn’t dissipated over time. In fact, it has appeared to only grow stronger.  Anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the storm faces a fate much worse than mere death. The storm seems to tear the very soul out of anyone caught in its furious grasp, leaving an empty husk of a being behind. Animals seem to be unaffected by the storm, but anything sentient is gobbled up by it.

Since the storm first appeared, roughly ten years ago, many magical experts have studied it, some at the highest cost. Both Faye and mortal alike are stumped by the storm. There has been a single breakthrough by a member of the UnSeelie Court, a petty noble named Variss who is well known as one of the greatest Mist scholars the Faye have ever seen. He has been able to communicate with some of those unfortunate souls that have become trapped within the storm, or at least what remains of them.  It seems that the longer a soul is trapped within the soul, the less it retains of it’s original sense of self.

The storm itself has a consciousness of its own, able to stalk victims by moving itself through the Mists. It does seem to have a limited range though, never straying further than 200 miles from the Evenstar. This restriction has lead many investigators to believe that the storm is somehow tied with the mystical mountain, though what that tie may be is still unknown.  There are many handsome rewards for anyone that can figure out how to free those trapped inside the storm, and many that have tried have only joined those they tried to help.