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Attribute Pools

As much as the game was playtested, now that it is really out there in the hands of players we have received a lot more feedback. In addition to that, we have just had new ideas and thoughts regarding the way the game plays.  One thing that initially came up, but for reason I can’t remember was left out of the final game, was Attribute Pools. As the game works now, most of your core Attributes, Strength, Constitution and Intelligence, don’t have a lot of effect on general game play.  The idea behind an Attribute Pool was to give players a little advantage when they needed it.

The way the Attribute Pools works is quite simple.  You have two Attribute Pools, Physical and Mental.  Your Physical Pool is the total of your STR and CON, while your Mental Pool is the total of INT and ESS.  These pools can be drawn up to give bonuses to skill rolls.  For example, if your STR is 5 and your CON is 6, your Physical Pool is 11.  The pool can be drawn upon to add a +1 to a skill roll for every point taken from the pool, up to a maximum of +3 per attempt.  Once a pool is depleted it does not reset until the next day.  A player must commit to using their Attribute Pool before rolling the dice.  Sometimes the dice can be fickle, and you really need to succeed at a skill roll, the Attribute Pools help with that.




Zerra is large, even by Anuir standards.  However, it isn’t the size of his body that sets Zerra apart from others, but instead it is his demeanor.  Zerra is the only male priestess in the Sisterhood of Stevra, though the rules strictly forbid such a thing, the High Priestess Shara herself concludes that despite Zerra’s outward appearance, his soul is that of a woman.  Despite offers to have his appearance magically altered to match his inner spirit, Zerra has refused, stating that his body is merely a vessel used to perform the work of Stevra and that it’s appearance does not matter.  As if to exemplify that, Zerra has grown a rather impressive beard that he wears in braids tossed over his broad shoulders.

Zerra can be found in the rather isolated village of Stolsbruck near the edge of the Blood Glacier.  The only other permanent residents of this bitterly cold outpost are a handful of other initiates of Stevra that have been sent here to do penance in order to restore themselves to good standing in the eyes of Stevra.  Though most regard this as the worst of punishments when they first arrive, after their stay under the guidance of Zerra, they leave stronger in their faith than ever before.  Zerra is a firm, yet compassionate priestess, and for many it is the only aid to be found in this harsh environment.

The Sisterhood in Stolsbruck also sell supplies to those that wish to explore the Blood Glacier, along with a parting warning that such endeavors are foolhardy at best.  Even so, if asked they will perform a blessing ritual to bestow the good graces of Stevra upon any travelers.


The Baldersnags

The Baldersnags is a messy tangle of swamps and briar patches lying to the east of Greeningsdale. Maintaining an open road between Greeningsdale and the coast is a constant struggle.  Between the thick masses of thorn bushes and the dangerous bogs one also has to contend with the swirling chaos of the Mists, as the Baldersnags lies partially within.  It is not uncommon for miles of road to simply be swallowed up, interrupting trade and travel for weeks, sometimes even months.

As if the natural elements of this place weren’t bad enough, the Baldersnags are a breeding ground for Grey Spinners. The giant spider-like creatures can nimbly move over the knotted brush and their sticky webs dot the landscape, waiting for anything unlucky enough to stumble into them.  The Mistrunners Association has an open bounty on Grey Spinners in the region, offering a 100 soverns per head.

The Baldersnags presents the biggest challenge to the new railroad that the city of Wayfarers Way is attempting to build between the coast and the interior of the True Realms.  For anyone in need of work, crews are always hiring, both for physical labor as well as muscle to keep the local wildlife at bay.



NEWGame 2013

Mistrunner is going to be at the Northeast Wisconsin Gameapalooza, October 19-20.  We will have a booth selling the game, as well as a sneak peak at the current supplement, The Big Book of Feats.  Saturday October 19 we will be running “Horror of the Rope Ghost” and on Sunday we have “Rygar Ate my Baby”.  Come out and show your support, or if you are new, check out the game.  NewGame 2013 is the successor to OshCon, and if it is half as good it will be more fun than a bag full of Paganhunters.  It is local cons like these that are the bread and butter of the small, indie publisher.  It is here we can interact with the players and hopefully introduce new folks to our little piece of the RPG world.  Hope to see you there.