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Mistrunner PDF is available now from Drive Thru RPG

You can now buy a download version of the PDF from Drive Thru RPG.  You can also find it at RPGNow as well.  Cost is a mere $10, who are you to resist?

As an extra incentive, one dollar out of every purchase will go to help buy Jammie Dodgers for a hungry game designer.

The Mistrunner RPG Core Rulebook Now Available

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The book is available now for $25.00.  Anyone that buys a book, I will also send you a free copy of the PDF.

Mistrunner PDF Now Available

The complete PDF is now available for purchase. We are still working on setting up an actual store, but until then you can buy it direct through me. The cost of the PDF is $15, and anyone that purchases the PDF can upgrade to the physical book when it releases at the end of July. The cost to upgrade is $10 for the soft cover or $25 for the hardcover, no need to decide now. Check out the PDF, if you like it, upgrade anytime you like. Payments are currently accepted via paypal. Just email me for purchase details.