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Too Long

I have let things go dormant for too long. I have been making some progress the last two weeks on revamping the rules for the prequel. Yep, prequel, Daemon Eater is in the works. It is set long before the events of Mistrunner take place. Fear not though, once I have the new rules set I will update the core Mistrunner book as well.

A little more background on Daemon Eater. Set after the Pulse during the Demon Wars, Daemon Eater is centered around Ireland and the west coast of Europe. New schools of magic await you, illusions of the Faye Bound, supreme logic of the Heretics, and the channeling of demonic prisoners of the Daemon Eaters themselves. Will the last stronghold of humanity, or will the demons conclude their conquest of the earth and hold dominion over all things?  Take up arms and defend the last bastion of good in the world.


Sorry for the lack of content as of late. It isn’t easy being a solo person operation when you also need to hold down a day job. But, excuses aside, things are being worked on. In fact, there is work being down as I write this to update the game. Yes, that means a second edition. Yes, that means things are going to be radically different in some ways, the same in others. No, it doesn’t mean you have to buy all new product. Whenever I finish updating the game, which I don’t expect will be done until next year, anyone that already owns a copy of the game will be able to download a free PDF copy of the 2nd edition. The older version will still be mostly compatible with the new edition, we are just streamlining some things, making things work more towards a goal of role playing as opposed to just rolling dice.

I’ll try to keep folks updated, but for the most up to date info, the Mistrunner page on Facebook is your best bet. Until next time.

Mistrunner Character Sheet

A couple people have asked if there is an online version of the character sheet for easy printing.  Well, there is now.  Printy.

News and Stuff

There is a lot going on, not just with Mistrunner, but for Naked Hobo Productions in general. I’m not going to go into all the details of other projects other than saying that they aren’t game related, and they involve a lot of my free time. Despite that, I am still working on getting the Big Book of Perks available as a PDF download by mid-summer (that means July-ish). This will be very art light, probably not much more than a B&W cover, but that isn’t the point of the book. The point is that you and your players are going to have dozens upon dozens of ways to customize your characters even more. I gave a brief look at some of the Perks a few weeks ago, and let me just tell you, that isn’t even the tip of it.

Every skill is getting a set of 5 Perks. Not just every skill group. Every. Single. Skill. Marksman? Five Perks. Cooking? Five Perks. Alchemy? Five Perks. Conjuration? Five Perks. That means the Big Book of Perks will contain over 400 Perks. That is a lot, and it is a big reason as to why this is taking so long.

Once the Big Book of Perks is done we will start focusing on delivery some mini-adventures, with the hopes of releasing at least three within the first year. I have a lot of things planned to add to the world of Mistrunner, just keep in mind, I’m mostly a solo shop for a lot of this stuff (and I have a day job and social life too).

There is a also a little bit of con news too. Mistrunner will be running this summer at GlennCon in Glendale, Wisconsin. The dates are from July 18-21. No times are set yet, but most likely Mistrunner will run twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday.

We also hope to run an event or two at GenCon this year in August, though nothing has been solidified yet.

Mistrunner will also be returning to NewGame, October 11-12 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

That is about it for news right now, and I hope you have been enjoying the updates and new source material.


Perks were considered at the early stages of the game, but dropped for reasons of trying to keep the rules as light as possible. It was always intended that if there was a desire or demand for Perks, we would release a supplement at a later date. That time is approaching. However, what I thought to be a simple list of some little skill boosts has turned into an over 40 page document so far. Every skill will have a set of Perks available to choose from whenever a skill is advanced. Not every Perk will have a direct affect on the specific skill though. Some may aid other skills or even groups of skills. Below I have a few samples of some of the Perks we are working on.


I Am Not Left Handed (One Handed):  This Perk grants a single Parry reroll at +4 once every combat.

Turtle (Shield): Anyone attempting to attack the possessor of this Perk with a ranged attack suffers a penalty of -4 to their skill roll.

Wait, Time Out (Perception): This Perk allows a reroll of any initiative roll. The second die roll must be taken, regardless of its result.

Bad Dates (Smell/Taste): This Perk grants the ability to detect poisons, toxins, and gasses by smell or taste automatically.

The Fly Swats Back (Acrobatics):  The possessor of this Perk may make an immediate unarmed strike when hit during combat. This action replaces whichever Step the character would have acted next.

You Don’t Need to See His Identification (Law): Bonus of +4 to all Forgery skill rolls.

Iocane, I’d Bet My Life on It (Alchemy): This Perk grants immunity to all poisons.

Dance of Steel (Dancing): This Perk grants a +4 bonus to all Parry skill rolls.

Penetrating Shot (Marksman): Ignore the first 2 points of armor when applying damage to a target.

I Am One of You (Style): This Perk grants a +4 bonus to Disguise skill rolls.

I Have the Death Sentence in Twelve Realms (Intimidate): Receive a +4 bonus to all Intimidate skill rolls vs criminals.

Weak at the Joints (Smith): This Perk grants a damage bonus of +4 against armored opponents.

Magic?! Bah! (Technology): Anyone attempting Magic skill rolls against the possessor of this Perk receives a penalty of -2 to all skill rolls.

Essence Mastery (Conjuration):  All spells cost 1 less Essence to cast.

Reboot (Control): This Perk grants an automatic reroll for a failed Control skill roll.  The second roll must be taken regardless of the result.

Read You Like a Book (Mental): This Perk grants a bonus of +4 when detecting lies.

Skin of Stone (Earth): This Perk grants a permanent natural AV4.

Leaf on the Wind (Air): The possessor of this Perk may levitate at will.


That is just a small selection, in total there will be over 400 Perks to choose from. The hope is that a PDF version of the Big Book of Perks will be available summer 2014.


Attribute Pools

As much as the game was playtested, now that it is really out there in the hands of players we have received a lot more feedback. In addition to that, we have just had new ideas and thoughts regarding the way the game plays.  One thing that initially came up, but for reason I can’t remember was left out of the final game, was Attribute Pools. As the game works now, most of your core Attributes, Strength, Constitution and Intelligence, don’t have a lot of effect on general game play.  The idea behind an Attribute Pool was to give players a little advantage when they needed it.

The way the Attribute Pools works is quite simple.  You have two Attribute Pools, Physical and Mental.  Your Physical Pool is the total of your STR and CON, while your Mental Pool is the total of INT and ESS.  These pools can be drawn up to give bonuses to skill rolls.  For example, if your STR is 5 and your CON is 6, your Physical Pool is 11.  The pool can be drawn upon to add a +1 to a skill roll for every point taken from the pool, up to a maximum of +3 per attempt.  Once a pool is depleted it does not reset until the next day.  A player must commit to using their Attribute Pool before rolling the dice.  Sometimes the dice can be fickle, and you really need to succeed at a skill roll, the Attribute Pools help with that.