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State of the Game

There has been a lot of silence on the Mistrunner front. Real life can kind of pile up on you, and before you know it, two years have gone by. Despite appearances, the game is not dead. I am still working through some things, but I hope to get back on track with making some updates as well as working on a prequel setting that I plan to use to introduce a revamp of the rules system. I have always wanted this game to be more about storytelling and less about rolling dice, but I find that I am in the minority quite often on such things. I am working to find that nice balance, and I hope that in a few months things will have settled down enough that I can get back on the horse and start riding again.

Still Alive

Sorry about the lack of updates, real world has been gobbling up a lot of my time.  Things are still happening though.  Good things.

I just finished up with GlennCon, a little three day gaming convention I put on with generous support from my place of employment, The Board Game Barrister.  I ran two great sessions of Mistrunner.  I hadn’t run a game in almost two months, and though it took me a few minutes to shake off some of the rust, people had a good time.  At least they seemed to, most of the players ended up buying a copy of the book (in fact the only ones that didn’t were those that already have a copy).

I am also in the process of working on two supplements. The first is an introductory adventure for new characters.  I am making this in part with MKERPG for their monthly video series MKERPGTV.  They film gaming sessions, with the hope of promoting gaming and possibly introducing people to new games as well.  This should be finished in mid to late August, with a purchase date of around September 1.

The second project is a book of perks.  Perks will be little extras you can take whenever you level up a skill.  They will give a little more variety to your character, as well as give some more practical uses for some of the lesser desired skills.  For example, the Dancing skill has a perk called Dance of Steel.  That perk will give bonuses during combat.  This is proving to be a much bigger project than I originally imagined.  I am doing 5 perks for every skill, which translates into about 400 perks.  What I thought was going to be a 10-15 page mini expansion is turning into a 40-50 pages supplement.  Hopefully this will be done in October.

That is all I have for right now, but I promise to be more frequent with updates, including a few little bonuses that I will be throwing up for the Mistrunner faithful.  Thanks, and eve if you aren’t playing Mistrunner, make sure you’re playing something.

The forum is live.

I have added a forum so we can all talk about the game.  Just go here and let the discussions begin.

Ohhhh…Pretty Picture

Here’s a look at the full cover.


Welcome Friends

Welcome to the world of Mistrunner, my labor of love for the last 20 plus years.  My plan is to post updates for the game here.  Those updates will include any cons that will be hosting Mistrunner events, and upcoming products, as well as some freebies for my faithful players.  Right now I am still slogging away at getting the final draft ready for the printers so we can all have a book sometime in July.