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Too Long

I have let things go dormant for too long. I have been making some progress the last two weeks on revamping the rules for the prequel. Yep, prequel, Daemon Eater is in the works. It is set long before the events of Mistrunner take place. Fear not though, once I have the new rules set I will update the core Mistrunner book as well.

A little more background on Daemon Eater. Set after the Pulse during the Demon Wars, Daemon Eater is centered around Ireland and the west coast of Europe. New schools of magic await you, illusions of the Faye Bound, supreme logic of the Heretics, and the channeling of demonic prisoners of the Daemon Eaters themselves. Will the last stronghold of humanity, or will the demons conclude their conquest of the earth and hold dominion over all things?  Take up arms and defend the last bastion of good in the world.

State of the Game

There has been a lot of silence on the Mistrunner front. Real life can kind of pile up on you, and before you know it, two years have gone by. Despite appearances, the game is not dead. I am still working through some things, but I hope to get back on track with making some updates as well as working on a prequel setting that I plan to use to introduce a revamp of the rules system. I have always wanted this game to be more about storytelling and less about rolling dice, but I find that I am in the minority quite often on such things. I am working to find that nice balance, and I hope that in a few months things will have settled down enough that I can get back on the horse and start riding again.


Sorry for the lack of content as of late. It isn’t easy being a solo person operation when you also need to hold down a day job. But, excuses aside, things are being worked on. In fact, there is work being down as I write this to update the game. Yes, that means a second edition. Yes, that means things are going to be radically different in some ways, the same in others. No, it doesn’t mean you have to buy all new product. Whenever I finish updating the game, which I don’t expect will be done until next year, anyone that already owns a copy of the game will be able to download a free PDF copy of the 2nd edition. The older version will still be mostly compatible with the new edition, we are just streamlining some things, making things work more towards a goal of role playing as opposed to just rolling dice.

I’ll try to keep folks updated, but for the most up to date info, the Mistrunner page on Facebook is your best bet. Until next time.

Mistrunner Character Sheet

A couple people have asked if there is an online version of the character sheet for easy printing.  Well, there is now.  Printy.

Fire & Ice Game Convention

Mistrunner will be at the Fire and Ice Game Convention, February 27-March 1. I will be running the short adventure, “A Simple Job”, on Saturday February 28 at 2pm. Fire and Ice is one of my all time favorite cons, and a nicer bunch of gamers you will be hard pressed to find. If you live anywhere near Manitowoc, WI, I would highly recommend coming out. Heck, if you aren’t nearby, hotels are cheap.  Hope to see you there.

City at the Edge of the World

Far to the southeast lies the ancient city of Belai, known by may as the City at the Edge of the World. It was once a bustling city, boasting over a hundred thousand residents. Trading vessels constantly streamed in and out of the large harbor.

Those days are long gone now. Nearly three hundred years ago the Mists began to creep closer and closer to the city, the sea mysteriously vanishing along with its aproach. It wasn’t long before the harbor itself disappeared into oblivion, and every year a little bit more of the city fals off the edge of the world into the unknown.

The idea of it being the edge of the world isn’t just a snappy nickname. The world does seem to end along the current eastern most border of Belai. The ground and sea give way to an impossibly deep hole. No one has been able to discern how deep it goes by either mundane or magical means.

Roughly seven thousand feet down magic ceases to work. Many found that out the harder way, flying ships trying to probe the depths of the chasm suddenly falling into the abyss below. Others have ventured further down, relying upon ropes, scaffolds, and other normal means, but no end has been found to date.

Belai now has maybe a few thousand people still clinging desperately to their vanishing homes. Trade is almost nonexistent, those still here subsisting on a diet of whatever can be caught from the sea further to the west. Most of those that travel here now are scholars and the curious, wondering about not only what lies below, but what is causing it.

What the Heck is Going On?

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, been rather busy and I have to say a bit uninspired as of late. GenCon was a blast, but it also seriously drained my batteries and I haven’t had a chance to recharge yet. Odds are I won’t get that refresh until after the New Year what with the day job being in retail. But, enough of my whining.

Speaking of GenCon. I ran three sessions of Mistrunner at the big con, two of which were sold out. Everyone had a goodtime, or they were very convincing liars. Running it at GenCon made me take some serious looks at the game play and I spoke with one of the original contributors about a possible second edition. This is long way off talk, still just in the speculation and what if phase. If you have some tweaks you think the game could use, I am always delighted to hear them. Without player feedback the game can never truly grow and improve.

The Big Book of Perks is still happening, just being pushed off again. I am hoping, really hoping that I can finish a good draft to send off to playtesters and editors before the end of the year. My hopeful goal is to release at least two, if not three, small supplements next year. One being the Big Book of Perks. The second one will be a small collection of adventure starters, and the third, if it happens, will be something to build up the world some more.

And on to building up the world some more, I have some ideas that I will be throwing up on the website in the coming weeks, more glimpses into the world and the people that live in it. Next up will be a peek at the City at the Edge of the World.

The Far Spires

Deep within the Mists, northwest of the True Realm of Alfhem, lie a lonely pair of mountains known as the Far Spires. The mountains themselves actually lie within a tiny pocket outside the Mists, is a barren field long since devoid of life. The air itself is heavy and anyone or anything that dwells here too long soon finds themselves sick, often times to the point that death comes.

It is said that when the first of the war with the demons began long before the Reckoning that the old men that were, the humans, deployed weaons of massive destructon in a last ditch effort to close one of the portals that the demons used to gain access to earth that was. Since that day, nothing grows here, even the most wretched of the UnSeelie give this place a wide berth.

Recently however, steps have been taken to find a way to explore the Far Spires and the blasted wasteland around them. Magic has granted some the ability to stave off the wastng disease that plagues this area, but only for a short time. Those that are interested in relics from the earth that was are quite anxious to excavate the plains here, hoping to unearth hidden treasures of the old world that have long escaped the hands of looters.

It’s Official!! Mistrunner at Gen Con

Just got the notification today, Mistrunner events will be running at Gen Con. I will be running two Mistrunner adventures at the big show. Horror of the Rope Ghost will be on Thursday at 2pm and again on Friday at 6pm. The Box runs Fridat at noon, repeating on Saturday at noon. Each event is slated to run for 4 hours, so come and swim in the Mists for a bit.

I will also have a bigger sneak peek at the Big Book of Perks at Gen Con, and Perks will be used in gameplay at the events. Hope to see you there!

Star Ore

It was said that on the day of the Reckoning, part of the sky fell to earth. The remnants of that is known as Star Ore, a precious and rare mineral found only in the deepest of caverns. Star Ore is incredibly dense, a chunk the size of an Aslonian’s fist weighs over one hundred pounds. It is also stronger than any other material that has ever been discovered. Because of it’s density, it has limited uses, proving to be much to heavy for weaponry and armor. It has proven quite useful though in the production of steam chambers, a thin layer of metal forged from Star Ore can withstand tremendous pressure.

There are only a handful of individuals that possess the knowledge to forge Star Ore, and only one of them dwells among the mortal races. An Anduran smith, Tula, uses a technique she guards jealously. many have tried to find out her secret, but her twin sister, Rya, is a fierce bodyguard. More than one would be spy has found his way into an early, and permanent, retirement at her hands.

The last known vein of Star Ore was near Cretor’s Crag, but it ran dry several years ago. The rush is on to find more of the rare material, and the reward is nearly immeasurable. The last bit sold recently at over 500 Soverns per ounce.